The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s often easy to choose a New Year’s resolution. However, maintaining and actually achieving a resolution are other matters entirely, which is why we’re going to help you choose the right resolution for your goals and outlook.

New Year’s Eve celebrations are full of fun traditions. One of the most common traditions is enthusiastically setting new year’s resolutions. People often optimistically look at the coming new year as an opportunity to improve or add to their lives. Unfortunately, most resolutions fail early in the year. Here we will discuss how to keep your new year’s resolutions and start 2022 off on the right foot.

New year’s resolutions are personal goals that frequently involve self-improvement and growth. Often, they focus on weight loss or fitness, but a resolution can be anything.

What are the most common new year’s resolutions?

Resolutions tend to gravitate towards self-improvement, the most common of which are:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle
  • Increased exercise
  • Work more/less
  • Make/save more money
  • Less Television
  • More traveling
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Quit smoking

How Set Your Resolutions Apart

A study done on new year’s resolutions found that 77 percent of resolutions fail within the first week of the year. So why do so many resolutions fail so often, and how do you set your resolutions apart?

A study done on new year’s resolutions found that 77 percent of resolutions fail within the first week of the year.

Often, resolutions are motivated and influenced by an outside expectation of ourselves. Resolutions set from a mentality that we are “supposed” to be or act a certain way will probably have little follow-through. We are supposed to be thin. We are supposed to be athletic. We are supposed to cook at home every day, etc. When resolutions do not come from a place of genuine motivation, they will likely fall off the priority list quickly.

Furthermore, unrealistic and unattainable resolutions tend to fail quickly. Losing a substantial percentage of your body weight in a short period of time is challenging and requires lifestyle discipline. It is not an impossible resolution but is something most will not be able to accomplish. The more realistic a resolution is, the better its chance of success.

Steps To Creating Resolution Success

Plan It Out

There’s a common adage about the importance of planning, “those who fail to plan are planning to fail.” Planning out your resolutions will help you achieve resolution success. Give yourself plenty of time to think of a timeline, milestones, motivations, and other relevant aspects of great resolutions. Do this well before New Year’s Eve and leave no room for surprises.

Do Not Focus On Perfection

The biggest tip to achieving a new year’s resolution is to let go of the need to be perfect. Someone working on a resolution will slip up by having a cigarette when trying to quit smoking or drinking alcohol while trying to go sober. What is significant about these moments is not the mistake itself but the ability to recover and get back on track. Slip-ups, mistakes, relapses are all part of the journey, but a lack of perfection does not equal failure. Be resilient and patient.

Motivation Matters

The second tip for achieving resolution success is to focus on making them for the right reasons. Resolutions that are motivated by outside influence tend to fail quickly. Set goals that will benefit you and your life, not what others think your life should be.

Set Achievable Goals

Set resolutions that are achievable and realistic. Give yourself a realistic timeframe, rules, and resources. Resolutions with rules such as “never” or “always” set unrealistic expectations and could set your goals up for failure. Set your goals apart by setting them up for success. This will make your resolutions more attainable.

Be Patient And Flexible

It is important to be patient with yourself. Genuine and positive change does not happen overnight, and neither will your resolutions. Take time to plan out the path to your resolution success, and be sure to leave room for adjustments. If your plan does not go entirely according to plan, let yourself make adjustments and allow your plan to evolve. This patience and flexibility will help you achieve resolution success.

Reward Your Successes

Another tip to achieve resolution success is to reward yourself. Set up rewards for milestones and achievements. This will allow ways to enjoy resolutions and keep motivation high while you complete them.

Don’t Give Up

At some point during this process, you will likely feel overwhelmed or discouraged. This is completely normal, and you are not alone. As the statistics have shown, most people give up on their resolution. Though staying motivated may seem like a terrible struggle, it can be a feeling that will pass. Try to remind yourself why you started the resolution in the first place. Keep a note or reminder on your phone that will show you the reasons you are trying to improve yourself. This tip, along with the other tips listed here, will help you get over the “I quit” hump.

Happy New Year To The New You

Any new year’s resolution is achievable with the right mindset and tools. Follow the tips and create resolutions that are important to you and the improvements you want to see in your life.

Happy New Year to a happy new you.

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February 7, 2022

Adam Snyder


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